Why Amara

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Amara is conceived and designed as a living experience seamlessly integrated with nature. Elegant 25- to 32-storey towers are embedded within the surrounded greenery; so sensitively designed, that they seem as much a part of the landscape as the trees, water bodies and meandering pathways.

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Residence design guided by vastu principles,Optimal space planning, providing closet space in all bedrooms, separate storeroom and utility areas,Large windows for ample natural light and air, Every apartment has a garden or river view, Luxury fixtures and finishes.

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Enjoy your morning cuppa watching the dew glisten on your lawn, or end the day with a romantic alfresco dinner for two. Amara offers a limited-edition collection of garden villas luxurious, high-ceilinged*, spacious residences, with elegant French windows opening into your private garden, overlooking the larger landscape.

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Control lighting, temperature, blinds, security and more.Smart home controller connecting motion sensors, smoke sensors and alarms.Immediate alerts to registered mobile numbers and email addresses in case of an emergency.

Designed to bring every comfort and convenience to you, within the lush boundaries of your own neighbourhood, the Amara retail plaza offers you well-stocked retail stores, chic cafs, an ATM, and every other facility to keep life running smoothly.

You have a dream of life filled with interesting, exciting experiences; with the time to fulfil every aspect of your personality. A life that beautifully balances a rewarding career, personal passions and meaningful relationships with the ones you love.


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